The Muse & the Marketplace 2014

The 2014 Muse and the Marketplace national literary conference will take place May 2-4th at the Park Plaza Hotel in Boston.

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The Muse and the Marketplace is a three-day literary conference designed to give aspiring writers a better understanding about the craft of writing fiction and non-fiction, to prepare them for the changing world of publishing and promotion, and to create opportunities for meaningful networking. On all three days, prominent and nationally-recognized established and emerging authors lead 110+ sessions on the craft of writing-- the "muse" side of things-- while editors, literary agents, publicists and other industry professionals lead sessions on the business side-- the "marketplace." We expect nearly 800 writers and publishing professionals to attend, while maintaining the conference's wonderfully intimate, "grubby" energy that we love.

Authors joining us for the first time in 2014 include Elsie Augustave, Kelly Braffett, Krista Bremer, Augusten Burroughs, James Carroll, Joy Castro, Peter Ho Davies, Roxane Gay, Rigoberto Gonzalez, Cathi Hanauer, Donovan Hohn, Kristopher Jansma, Porochista Khakpour, Owen King, Pam Houston, Alexandra Marshall, Megan Marshall, Claire McDougall, Hollis Gillespie, Maryanne O'Hara, Elissa Schappell, Jamie Quatro, Hannah Tinti, Urban Waite and Bil Wright.

GrubStreet also offers the Manuscript Mart and-- new in 2014!-- the Social Media Mart, at which, for an additional fee, an attendee can meet one-on-one with an established literary agent, editor or online media consultant who has evaluated either your manuscript pages or your web presence in advance of the conference and will provide direct feedback. Many conferences offer pitch sessions and social media how-tos, but The Muse and the Marketplace is one of the few conferences where your actual pages and/or the persona you have created online will be discussed and thoughtfully evaluated by an agent, editor or social media consultant.

Agents, Editors and Industry Professionals joining us for the first time in 2014 include agents Lisa Bankoff, Gail Hochman, Jeff Kleinman, Kathleen Nishimoto, Jessica Papin, Ayanna Coleman, Kim Perel, Diana Finch, Rita Rosenkranz and Kent Wolf , editors Millicent Bennett (Simon & Schuster), Peter Blackstock (Grove), Jill Schwartzman (Dutton), Lindsey Schwoeri (Penguin), Daniel Smetanka (Counterpoint), Rob Spillman (Tin House) and Hannah Tinti (One Story) and industry professionals Steve Bennett (AuthorBytes), Rachel Fershleiser (Tumblr), Christine Munroe (Kobo) and Crystal Patriarche.

Also new in 2014, GrubStreet is also offering the Marketplace Clinic, a targeted and individualized “conference-within-the-conference” limited to 30 students interested in focusing specifically on their career goals. Based on a “logic model” used by leaders and innovators and now by Grub Street, we will help writers explore their professional goals and understand what success means to them. The goal of the clinic is to help writers build their careers and focus their book marketing efforts in authentic and sustainable ways. This unique framework helps individual authors learn to spend their precious time and financial resources thoughtfully.

Also new is "LIT WEEK," akin to Restaurant Week or Fashion Week, in which Boston-area literary shops and restaurants will offer their own special events in the week leading up to the Muse. LIT WEEK is a wonderful opportunity for the public get a taste of Boston's literary scene.

We’re very excited for the Muse this year, and look forward to seeing you in May!

The Grub Street Staff
(Chris, Sonya, Whitney, Eve, Alison, Drew, Lauren, Sean, Chip, Amy, Larry & Grant)